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Goddess of the Hunt

Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, Goddess of the Hunt and one of the 13 great Olympians along with her twin brother Apollo. Unlike her brother, who had a more than active list of lovers, Artemis was a protector of young girls, remained a virgin and swore never to marry. Only one man managed to capture her heart, the humble hunter Orion; but with devastating consequences...


How was Artemis born?

Zeus was a fan of rocky Greece and felt is was best for the world if he slept with mortals and goddesses alike. Zeus married Leto (the goddess of Motherhood) and when Hera (queen of the gods) found out, she swore vengeance on poor Leto.

Under pain of death, Hera forbid any land formation to house Leto so she could give birth to her twins. Leto roamed the earth but everywhere she went, she was refused sanctuary. 

After a stroke of luck, Leto found a small raised platform of earth that had not been declared land yet and she finally took rest. However she still could not give birth because Hera forbade Alethia, the goddess of Childbirth to tend to Leto. After much begging and pleading from the Olympians, Hera finally allowed Alethia to tend to Leto who eventually gave birth to Apollo and Artemis.

What's the difference between Artemis and Selene?

Selene IS the moon, or the goddess of it and the wife of a Titan while Artemis is associated with the moon as both her and her mother Leto, tend to their hunting and other activities by moonlight.

A protective goddess

Both Apollo and Artemis were very protective of their mother Leto and would not utter hear a bad word about her. Queen Niobe boasted that she was better than Leto and suffered a horrific fate.