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Goddess of Marriage, Queen of the Gods ands wife of Zeus

Hera is the queen of heaven and older sister of Zeus. She may be a queen, but during her time on Olympus she was a ruthless goddess, wreaking havoc on Zeus' lovers, wives and children.

Origin Story


As mentioned, Hera was an older sister of Zeus, daughter of the titans Cronus and Rhea. She fought alongside her brothers and sisters during the great clash of the titans but had no intentions of being Zeus' bride. In fact, Zeus had to trick Hera with magic for her to say yes!

When she did, she sat by Zeus' side as queen of heaven. As Goddess of Marriage, she was responsible for the protection and well being of women. Oh the irony.

A vengeful goddess

Despite her title (or maybe because of it), Hera was a vengeful goddess seeking to punish the wives, lovers and children of Zeus' affairs. Some of her more famous victims include:

  • Heracles (the result of this was the famous 12 labours of Heracles)

  • Io

  • Semele (mother of Dionysus)

  • Leto (mother of Apollo and Artemis)

  • Paris, son of Troy

  • Echo, a nymph

These are fascinating stories and will be added to the blog, so keep an eye out!

It's not all bad

Hera had a large role in the story of Jason and the Argonauts (and the capture of the golden fleece), one of the most famous Greek myths of all time!